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Company Name AIDEX Corporation
Design and manufacture of control boards and distribution panels.
Manufacture of control board/distribution panel boxes.
Manufacturing of resistance welding transformers.
Design and manufacture of counters.
Repair of low-voltage motors.
Sales and repair of other machine equipment.
Established April 15, 1932
Capital 21,000,000 yen
Location Head factory

66, 2-chome, Toyomae-cho,
Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-0034,
E-mail: soumu@idex-net.co.jp
TEL +81-52-935-1686
FAX +81-52-937-0081

Moriyama factory

70, Kawakami-cho, Moriyama-ku,
Nagoya 463-0091, Japan
Director Yasuo Iida
Employees 40 (as of April, 2014)
Annual sales 850,000,000 yen
Real estate
Head factory Land: 579.627 m2
Building: 1365.47 m2
Moriyama factory Land: 597.00 m2
Building: 466.00 m2
Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Higashi Brach
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ozone branch
Bank of Nagoya, Imaike branch

1932 Giichi Iida started sales and repair of motors and dynamos in 2-chome,
Enjo-cho (Showa-ku at present), Nagoya by the company name of Iida Denki Seisakusho.
1933 Moved to the place of present head factory.
1966 Started manufacturing of transformers for welding machines.
1967 Started assembly of control boards.
1969 Recognized to a stock company (capital: 7,000,000 yen).
Giichi Iida assumed the post of Representative Director.
1970 Established Moriyama factory.
1971 Began dealings with Kotobuki Industry Co. Ltd.
Increased capital to 12,000,000 yen.
1974 Yoshio Iida assumed the post of Representative Director.
Increased capital to 18,000,000 yen.
1978 Began dealings with NGK Insulators Ltd. and Nastoa Co. Ltd.
1979 Began dealings with Nitto Electric Works Ltd.
1982 Increased capital to 21,000, 000 yen.
1988 Newly built a headquarter building.
Started design and manufacture of counters
1992 Changed the company name to AIDEX Corporation.
2000 Yasuo Iida assumed the post of Representative Director.
2005 Obtained ISO in 9001-2000.
2006 Estavlished new Factor in Bangkok,Thailend.
Start producing seed counters with CE marking
2011 Obtained ISO in 9001-2008(Intertek Certification Japan Limited)

2-66 Toyomae-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
Aichi Japan 461-0034

TEL +81-52-935-1686
FAX +81-52-937-0081
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