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Ideal for Agricultural, Chemical, metal processing, electronic, food and medical needs. Type, Size, Shape is no more a problem.

Now in the production field, small lot but multi kind of production is becoming natural. So there is a need for an advanced rationality and flexibility of the producting process, Our waver series is ideal for this since producion, checking, counting and packaging is done in one machine. Moreover, this helps to reduce personnel cost and physical distribution.

This is a data printing system that is very useful for stock management.

Parts feeder-path of 350
Packaging machine

Counting objects are lined inside the partsfeeder and then sent through the sensor. By combining the packaging machine makes the work more effective.

Parts feeder-path of 450
Double Hopper
Packaging machine

This is the type that has two parts feeders.
Compared with one parts feeder type,IC-450WHP can double the ability of work.

When the receptacle is filled with the predetemined number of objects, another empty receptacle is brought to the outlet automatically by this system.

Parts feeder-path of 450 conveyor

This conveyor is very convenient for moving filled receptacles.

This Waver series is totally made to order.

The above machines are examples.
Orders are taken to your requirements,
according to the size of the machine,
packaging form, and voltage.
Furthermore, we workout the machine several times berore shipping.

・Broad infrared beam is used for detecting objects.
・handles a wide range of objects up to 100mm
・Various kinds of objects are countable.
・Mode to order according to your requirements.
・Powerful for objects of slighty different gravity.

Circle shaped vibration type

Objects are lined in a spiral and counted using vibration.countable size is φ250~550.

Bucket-lift System

Counting and packaging is done by this one system. Bucket-lift system automatically carries counting objects to the parts feeder and hopper.
Objects supplied into the hopper are lined in a spiral and the counted objects are automatically filled into bags.

・Easy touch panel operation
・Heavy objects are easily carried
・No spilling

Normal sensor

・Thin line of ray is used for detection so some objects are difficult for detection
  if they do not pass the infrared ray.
・Ring shaped objects cannot be counted.
・Miscounting could take place easily.

Idex's original sensor

・The above problems are eliminated by the sensor's broad infrared beam.

What are the countable sizes in these series?

Sensor detecting area is 150mm×150mm. Therefore the maximum length of countable objects are 10mm and 80mm φ in width.

Can various types of objects counted in one machine?

Yes, various objects are countable in one machine but it depends if they can be lined up inside the parts feeder and also depends on the size of the parts feeder.
Note:Various objects cannot be counted simultaneously(at the same time).

Does miscounting occur?

Generally, miscounting does not occur but when the objects are stuck with each other, counted result will be a little more than the predetermined number.
if over counting is displayed during continuous operation, waver has to be stopped temporarily.

What is the speed of this waver?

Parts feeder's descharging speed can be considered as the counting speed.
Generally discharging ability is about 500cm per min the maximum.
So if the object is a 1cm angled object 500 pieces can be counted per min.
(during countinous operation)

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